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Professional Squash Player

Throughout his career, Nick Matthew, or ‘The Wolf’ as some like to call him, has fought his way to the top to become the most successful English player of all time.

Three-time World Squash Champion, 25-time winner of The World Tour and three-time British Open Champion, Nick also holds the record of five British National titles and was crowned Men’s Singles and Men’s Doubles Gold Medalist at Commonwealth Games in 2010.

He continues to be outstanding and in 2015 was officially awarded an Order of the British Empire (OBE) by Her Royal Highness, Princess Anna.



Founder of the Change a Life Academy & Adventure racer

Martin launched his Change a Life Academy in 2009 with an ambitious programme to create a new generation of Dusi leaders and help change the lives of young previously disadvantaged people to get ahead in life. He was inspired to start the ‘Change a Life Academy’ when realizing as he raced that many of his competitors in the Dusi Valley region were more talented but lacked the support, training and resources to take their paddling to the next level.

Since then, Martin has dedicated himself to help inspire valuable life skills and train these youngsters to become the successful athletes they are today. The ‘Change a Lifers’ are now role models to many in their region and has even had the opportunity to bring in some income to their families. Martin’s dream and vision, combined with continued support from sponsors such a HI-TEC Sports, will see more success for years to come.

It all only started 8 years ago and they’re now receiving recognition on a global stage. So, here’s to humble beginnings and a bright future!



Outdoor Athlete

Jeannie Dreyer aka, "Jeannie the Bomb" is an incredible athlete competing in Ultra Marathon’s, multi stage trail running events and Mountain Biking. Jeannie is a fierce competitor in the outdoor arena with many podium wins under her belt.


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