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Undeniably, we feel good when surrounded by nature.

Before computers, video games or mobile phones, only a generation or so ago, fun was found and downtime was spent in the great outdoors. As the decades passed, our cities swelled, our technologies advanced, our industries moved indoors, and suddenly time spent outside diminished.

Isn’t it beginning to feel a little too stuffy? Isn’t our restless, pent up energy from time spent inside becoming all too much? In fact, excitingly, many people are once again standing up, switching off, slipping on their boots and heading out the door.

The outdoors relieves us of the stresses and pressures we bear in our daily lives. Out there, life is not measured by sales targets or hours clocked. In fact, out there, the only measures are those of your own choosing, whether that’s miles walked, limits pushed, or moments enjoyed revelling in the splendour of nature.

Away from the noise, we can reflect on our lives more freely, using the uncluttered time and space to gain new perspectives. Being in nature helps us tune into our natural rhythms, leaving us feeling revitalised with a positive attitude and healthier outlook.

Many are using their outdoor adventures as a way to spend (undistracted) time with loved ones, whilst others are using it as a way to meet new friends. Whether you enjoy scaling rock faces or kayaking coastlines, there are others out there who will happily share the experience with you. The internet has made it easier than ever to band together in communities of like-minds and shared interests, in pursuit of enjoying the great outdoors.

So really, there is no excuse: seize the moment and go get yourself some warm Hi-Tec apparel and some great boots and… ENJOY!


Frank van Wezel


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