Turtle spotting in South Africa

August 14, 2017

​Turtle tours in South Africa have picked up in popularity over the past few years and it is definitely worth factoring a turtle tour in when planning for a holiday in South Africa. These turtle tours are arranged during the day or night, depending on the least intrusive time for the turtles. Turtle-spotting season starts in November and ends in March.

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Take a minute to INSPIRE

August 08, 2017

Cape Town, South Africa: This summer, HI-TEC and MOVEPRETTY will endeavor on another collaboration in celebration of both brands’ athleisure styles that boasts individuality, celebrates and inspires the strong female spirit. The two brands have a unique synergy when it comes to active living and will continue to explore ways in which they can style women in South Africa in true leisure, street and fitness wear.

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All eyes on the Castello Trainer

August 04, 2017

​This one is for the ladies. Our new Castello Trainer launches next week and we are super excited to share its details this with you. It's unique and different to the sneakers you know.

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HI-TEC & Magnum put boots on the ground

July 31, 2017

For many years, we have been avid followers and partners with the Black Mamba APU. Frank van Wezel, founder of HI-TEC, has made substantial donations to kick start a global anti-poaching awareness campaign and HI-TEC has been continuously dedicated in making contributions to their team. We recognize that they need boots on the ground in order to fulfill their duties as guardians of the reserve. On the 24th of July, we had the opportunity to visit them to do another donation.

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HI-TEC’s Wild-Life Lux just launched

July 20, 2017

Inspired by Hi-Tec’s rich heritage the Wild-life Lux boot is a versatile, contemporary take on the walking boot boasting technical features that give the wearer the potential to conquer both the city and trail.

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Four of the best hiking trails to explore in the Eastern Cape

August 18, 2017

The Eastern Cape is one of the most beautiful provinces in South Africa. It offers a lot of variety for visitors looking to experience nature up close and personal. Most of the places that draw adventurers and people who love hiking are along the coastline, but it’s amazing how the coastline moves and encompasses lush forests and misty mountains.

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