7 ways to indulge your adventurous side at home

June 12, 2020

​The monotony of lockdown is probably starting to get to you. Having zoomed everyone and their ouma, zapped loaves upon loaves of banana bread into the oven and zombied out on Netflix, maybe it's time you zeroed in on keeping the flame of wanderlust alive.

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AW20 LEO collection: Feel the Flow, Get the Look, Be the Vibe

June 08, 2020

Building on the brand’s mission, i.e. to give the world the freedom to explore the active outdoors. The new AW20 active wear range was designed to do exactly this, while following global trends and keeping South African women in mind. “Inclusive sizing, Namaste Every Day and Peony florals and fine mesh inserts inspired our designs”, says Izelle. “My favourite piece in the collection is the Define 4-way-stretch-fabric jacket. It is a true athleisure statement piece, as it goes with your jeans or tights.”

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Winter Hiking — Get it Done with the Right Gear and Attitude

May 31, 2020

Winter, in contrast to summer, makes you feel more alive. Your skin tingles in the early morning. Your breath condenses on the air as you step from your tent in the Cederberg​ or cabin in the Drakensberg. By midday you are in t-shirts and basking in glorious South African sunshine (trail dependent of course​).

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Understanding Waterproof Ratings

May 31, 2020

When weighing up the pros and cons of waterproof jackets, I find it helpful to think of triangle where the first side is the waterproof rating, the second side is the breathability rating, and the third is affordability. It’s always possible to get a jacket that excels on two fronts, but never three.

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How to Take Your Bucket List to Another Level of Awesome

May 19, 2020

Reflecting on my bucket list over the last weeks, one thing I realised quickly was that superficial goals which stroked my ego or had a heavy dose of brag-factor built in, would have to go. It is not about the goal itself after all, but about the emotion, the people involved and the why! Those are the things that give purpose.

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Synthetic vs Down fibres, which is best?

May 15, 2020

As winter tightens her icy grip around South Africa, you’ll be seeing more and more puffer jackets in your 6-9am exercise window. While they may all seem pretty similar at first glance, their performance, price and planet-friendliness is heavily dependent on whether they’re filled with DOWN or SYNTHETIC fibres. Read on for the pros and cons of each…

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