Taking on uncertainty

February 19, 2019

The funny thing is that when you get into this “ME-MENTALITY” whereby I’m travelling alone, I’ll have a lot of time in my head to ponder and build idealistic expectations- I’ll unintentionally get myself into a frame of mind that is rather self-centred. This attitude is problematic when people bail, plans are turned on their heads and you are left living a nomadic life of uncertainty. ​

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Why you should travel and not just go on a holiday

February 08, 2019

I’m not going to be all Zen about giving you a lecture regarding “self-growth” or “finding oneself” when you venture off with solely the shoes on your feet and a small backpack. Although, there is plenty of truth to that this type of travel basically requires you to just GO and be open to the wild world that is waiting for you on the other side.

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A Morning Walk In Style

February 07, 2019

The shoes are a state of the art: totally futuristic. Firstly, they are lite and allowed us to effortlessly do our signature jumps. Secondly, their comfort is out of this world and we all know comfort takes one a long way. Last but not least, we were taken with the shoes' grip; nothing makes a hike safer than a shoe with a perfect rubber outsole.

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3 (Outdoor) resolutions that are worth keeping

January 10, 2019

Whether you do it for the fresh air or to escape the office, spending time in the outdoors is a healthy habit that is hard to ditch.

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Climbing Mt Karisimbi - Beyond the Rift Valley

October 31, 2018

When we (the Beyond the Rift Valley Expedition team) set out team set out to climb two of the most exquisite Vocanoes in Africa, Bisoke and Karisimbi, we were not expecting to be immersed in such Avatar like beauty. At the same time, it became quickly apparent that we would need the proper kit to withstand the vigour of both climbs.

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Don’t overthink it - Buy that ticket! by Kai Fitchen, HI-TEC #AdventureMaker

October 11, 2018

​I, like everyone out there, am constantly on the prowl for balance in my life. The fickle beast that we call life has a way of kicking us into states of working too much or too little, having too much fun or not any at all…

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