January 10, 2019

Whether you do it for the fresh air or to escape the office, spending time in the outdoors is a healthy habit that is hard to ditch.

#1 Try an outdoor gym 

Ditch the weight section for your local park or outdoor gym. No fees, no queues, just fun! 

#2 A Picture a Day 

Make the most of Instagram-worthy views or a spectacular sunset by documenting these moments daily for a year. That's 365 days of creative adventures. (No skipping!) 

Tip: Print your pro pics on fridge magnets, calendars or mugs as personalised gifts for friends and family. 

#3 Join the club 

Get golfing, hiking, walking or climbing. Meet new people, get rewarded for achieving your fitness goals or simply opt for safety in numbers, the benefits are endless. 

Tip: Join with a friend, it'll make quitting harder!

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