July 24, 2019

We all know the body needs to perform at its ultimate peak on multi-day hikes. Yet, packing all your favourite delicious treats can get very difficult, especially keeping in mind your nutritional needs. Here are some of our favourite recipes that will keep your energy levels high and have you feel like you are hiking 5-star-style

Morning fuel:

Food types that fuel your muscles more than anything else are carbohydrates. For an early morning hike, we would suggest a very light breakfast such as: eggs, whole wheat toast, low-fat yogurt, oats, fruits, vegetables, whole grain pasta or whole grain cereal with little to no sugar. 

Our favourite breakfast recipe is from the Backpacker.com: 

3 Homemade Breakfast Bar Recipes for Hikers - Backpacker

Snack time:

Continuous snacking on route is very important on longer hiking adventures. The recommended “snacking time” on these longer journeys would be at least once an hourSome of the foods to keep you energised on your adventure include; nuts & raisins, crackers, biltong, dried fruit (without added sugars and energy/granola bars (without added sugars).

Our favourite hiking snack recipe is from MySequinedLife.com:


Get the recipe here: Chocolate Peanut Butter Chia Bars - My Sequined Life

Dinner time:

After-hike meals play an important role in replacing those lost energies on long adventures. It is also important to note that your meals include lots of protein and sugars. 

Our favourite dinner hiking dinner recipe is from Getaway.co.za 

Get the recipe here: The best hiking meals by Getaway Magazine

Photo cred: unsplash.com
Always ALWAYS hydrate: 

Photo cred: unsplash.com

It is of the utmost importance to stay hydrated. It’s important to consume between 500ml – 1L of water for every 3 kilometres. Take continuous small sips even before you become thirsty. 

Be cautious when drawing water from a river or lake. The best steps to take would be to boil the water. Remember to pack water purification tablets or water filters in your backpack. Lastly, refrain from drinking any gas drinks, tea, coffee or any alcohol on during your hiking trip and make sure your water and food levels are replenished before having those guilty pleasures. 

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