February 07, 2019

BY: @cpttwins

Okay, so we had a great weekend as usual, but we didn't get to do what we love most and that is connecting with nature. 

So, this past Monday, we did something out of the ordinary and took a morning walk up Kloof Corner before work. Kloof Corner was an easy choice for a Monday morning hike because the climb is easier and shorter compared to other mountains in that vicinity. The climb began precisely at 7:30 am and the weather was beautiful; the sun shone wonderfully and the gentle breeze also came out to play. We always encourage appropriate footwear and this time we took our new Hi-TEC Condor kicks for a spin. And Oh boy! We are so glad we did. 

The shoes are a state of the art: totally futuristic. Firstly, they are lite and allowed us to effortlessly do our signature jumps (it wouldn't be a @cpttwins hike without the jumps). Secondly, their comfort is out of this world and we all know comfort takes one a long way. Last but not least, we were taken with the shoes' grip; nothing makes a hike safer than a shoe with a perfect rubber outsole. We made it up there by 7:55 am, and that made it a painless 25 minutes’ walk.

We are known for group hikes but this time it was just the two of us and it was equally fun. Going down was just as pain-free. By the way, the shoes aren't meant only for sporty activities, but are also for a casual look for men. So you really do get your money's worth. We can't wait to wear them again on our next adventure.

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