April 09, 2018

We are still reminiscing about our time at the Garden Route Walking Festival...

DAY 3: Shiver me timbers! 

The Kids Coastal Pirate Walk has turned into one of the Walking Festival favourites and we love every moment of it. Pirates from near and far come together to find the secret treasure with our festival captain, Galeo Saintz. 

DAY 4: The Garden Route's "Cape Point"

If you have never done this hike before, it is an absolute MUST. Lukhanyo, our guide, was very knowledgeable about Robberg’s surroundings and its history (his stories date back to the Khoisan and the time they lived in the area). The hike starts off at the parking area and continues over the mountain, beaches and rocks (a bit of scrambling involved here, so make sure you are geared out). Robberg was hosted every day during the festival, and we were joined by some amazing people! 

That's a wrap for our Walking Festival moments! A special thanks to the Trailblazers and Travel Manuel from Cape Town, and Freewalkers SA who joined us in making beautiful memories! 

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