October 10, 2017

It was in preparation for a compulsory school camp in the Bainskloof mountains that I got my first pair. Mother knew best: the ankle-high brown Hi-Tec boot was a practical buy. At thirteen years old, all be it the 90’s and sans Instagram, it took some convincing that these heavy weights won’t crank my style. 

Well, they passed Bainskloof with flying colours and many a school camp thereafter. And like any classic that stands the test of time, 20 years later I was fortunate enough to take the modern version of my childhood pair on an exotic trip to Bali, Indonesia. The brown boot, or Wild-Life Lux as this legend is now known, was all grown up, Instagram-worthy and dare I say, very stylish.

The best travel companion

Traveling to any Eastern destination is a challenge to the senses: Humid and wet afternoons, the sweet smell of frangipani and lemongrass and the omnipresent buzz of locals making a living on the streets. The same goes for office feet that rarely navigate sweaty pavements alive with crawling surprises and those soaking, muddy rice terraces. Making these boots the best island travel companion. No accidental wet feet, no toe-knocking, no sliding or ankle injuries. No drama. It is an island after all.

Be prepared

When thinking of Bali one imagines a surfing paradise with perfect waves, cocktails and deckchairs. But this Island of the Gods has way more to offer than beach bars and Bintang beer. It’s jungle-ridden inland shows off some of the most exotic scenery imaginable: mesmerizing rice terraces, sky-high coconut trees, volcanic mountains and narrow roads curbing untamed greenery, coffee plantations and lush flora. Hence, packing a pair of good hiking boots when you travel to what others consider to be flip-flop central! The terrain is unpredictable: an afternoon shower can turn your casual stroll into a puddle hop in no time. No to mention the wildlife that might cross your way…

Sure, you are not going to spend the golden hour sunset at the water’s edge in your Wild-Life Lux’s - it’s the beach and we need sand in our toes. But like with any adventure, being prepared is everything.

5 Lux Secrets they don’t tell you straightaway:

  • No need for professional hiking socks. They are so soft and comfy inside and with extra soft linings around you ankles, you don’t need fancy socks for short distances.
  • Blister-free. No need to walk them in or let your feet get used to them. They are ready-to-wear from the get-go.
  • They are super light. Gone are the days of ankle weights…
  • Superior traction. From riding scooters or treading temple ways, you can trust your step.
  • Leave your foot powder at home. Even in a humid 35 degrees, my feet were dry and comfortable at all times.

Now that they’ve passed their maiden voyage, I guess, a weekend in Bainskloof can’t be that bad!

**As much as I would’ve loved to test-drive my Lux pair on the slopes of a real volcano during my stay, Mother Nature had other plans. Mount Agung, Bali’s largest volcano and one of 130 active volcanoes in Indonesia, showed alarmingly high seismographic levels for the first time in 60 years which resulted in level 4 warnings, evacuations and no-go zones around this iconic mountain. Many who call this mountain their home are now displaced but hopeful to return home soon. Read more here: https://magma.vsi.esdm.go.id/p...

Written by: Lou Stone


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