June 18, 2019

Written by: A millennial 

Like everything else in life; hiking also goes through cycles or trends. A millennial is, as described by the Urban Dictionary, a name an older person gives a young person they don’t necessarily like: “Those millennials and their manbuns and their hip-hop, and Instagram’s”. According to an article on outdoorsradar.com millennials are taking up hiking increasingly. Many prefer it over gym and Netflix, because it allows them to break away and have what they call a digital detox. And yes – they are also changing the hiking game; you won’t easily find a millennial in khaki shorts, dad socks and the 50 shades of brown laced up boots (even though they are the most functional choice). They’re entering the forests and mountains in a whole new way. 

Photo credit: @trailblazershikingclub

Here are our top 3 tips to make sure that you blend in with the ‘cool’ crowd on the trail. 

Head gear: Cotton Wash Cap

It’s probably a good idea to take along the coolest (pun-intended) hat you can find to protect yourself from the blazing heat. But remember, the true millennial fashion means you need to also complete the look. Everyday is a fashion show and the trails are your runway!

Footwear: P.C.T 

Wearing the correct footwear in hiking is one of the most important factors to ensure a safe adventure. You will need a hiking boot that performs on the trail but also looks stylish enough for meeting up with mates for drinks after. Also, you never know who you might meet on the mountain.  

The Selfie Stick 

And finally, be sure to bring along a selfie stick on your outdoor adventures. The millennial always has a reason to show the rest of the world what they’re missing out on. The term used is FOMO – fear of missing out. The selfie stick ensures that you get that epic shot at the peak of the cliff but also helps you navigate your way through dirt and debris on those tricky trails. 

So, there you have it, the 3-step program to becoming a millennial hiker. Access www.hi-tec.co.za to find some of the coolest and capable hiking gear. 

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