March 26, 2020

There are many different types of fleece options available in the market today, so explore your options below and decide which fleece best suits your every day and outdoor leisure needs.

The Microfleece

Microfleece is probably the original fleece and the most lightweight type of fleece available. It’s regarded as the first layer to wear over base-layers, or under a mid-layer. A microfleece is the ultimate everyday companion with excellent benefits. Sitting between 100 grams and 200 grams in weight, microfleece compress easily as its highly flexible, making it a stowaway dream and great for movement and mobility in more active pursuits. Microfleece is highly breathable and super soft against the skin making it a great choice for everyday comfort. There is also no pilling, making it a garment that can last year after year (only update if you prefer new season colourways). Microfleece has a natural resistance to water and moisture, dries quickly, making it the perfect choice for camping, overnight hikes. 

The HI-TEC Men’s and Ladies 1/4 Zip (R 349) and Full Zip (R399) Microfleece is 130gsm, designed for the everyday live and travel individual.  

The Mid-Weight Fleece

The perfect solution to more chilly evenings around a braai and colder weather outings. The mid-weight fleece can be worn as an outer layer while commuting, or as a post training jacket, or on hikes when the weather is colder. Used either as an outer-layer of a base-layer or as a mid-layer under a waterproof rain jacket, the mid-weight fleece is much warmer than lightweight microfleece and has higher insulating properties, weighing in between 200 grams to 300 grams. A mid-weight fleece such as the HI-TEC Men’s and Ladies Henis Fleece has a great fit and shape, yet less flexibility due to its thicker fleece properties. This garment is the perfect investment for pub crawls and outdoor hikes, never compromising on style, warmth and comfort.

The HI-TEC Lady Henis fleece pictured above (R599) is a mid-wight Fleece weighing in at 280 grams. The Men’s Raven Fleece Jacket (below) is a great urban Fleece jacket providing warmth with an outer fleece of 210 grams.

Heavyweight Fleece

Heavyweight fleece starts at 300grams or more and best suited for extremely cold weather conditions. It is not recommended to use this fleece weight during physical activities such as climbing, trekking or hiking as it is the least flexible of the fleece types providing the most insulation. 

Textured Fleece: Sherpa Fleece

Textured fleece shares a similar weight range as heavyweight fleece, with the HI-TEC Men’s Sherpa weighing at 250 grams on the outer and a 180gram polar fleece lining inner. The HI-TEC Ladies Sherpa has a 200gram outer fleece and a 180grams polar inner fleece. Sherpa’s fleece specifically, is much softer and more comfortable against the skin, they are the showstoppers of the fleece portfolio and best used for outer layers. Voluminous and arguably worn best when it’s a statement piece. Perfect for all-day cosiness and warmth. 

The Men’s HI-TEC Sherpa Fleece (R899) and the Ladies HI-TEC Sherpa (R799)

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