April 15, 2019

By: @drhvisuals

The first thing that got me with the Meridian was how light they are, I put them on my feet and could hardly feel any extra weight. It’s almost as if your feet have comfortable force fields around them! 

I walk around a lot so it’s important to me for a shoe to be comfortable and these definitely keep me coming back for more. I have a huge variety of shoes to pick from, but somehow always find myself in the Meridian. They’re just so cool and and soft, I really like that. 

The flexibility of these shoes is really good! They don’t crease or get marks like most other shoes when you’re down on your haunches or walking on a funny surface which really impressed me because I’m a very active guy. My shoes have to be able to handle a little bit of brutality. I lose most of my shoes through bending them too much. I feel like these are tough enough to handle my lifestyle.

Aside from the fact that they’re super comfortable, feather light and tough enough to handle any situation, they’re incredibly good-looking shoes. I’ve had a few comments and stares on them already which is cool because I only wear branded shoes. This is actually the first time I’ve had people ask me what shoes I’m wearing. 

All that I can say is, Hi-Tec is back with a bang. 

Shop the Meridian here: http://bit.ly/2IkGgWw 

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