July 31, 2017

For many years, we have been avid followers and partners with the Black Mamba APU. Frank van Wezel, founder of HI-TEC, has made substantial donations to kick start a global anti-poaching awareness campaign and HI-TEC has been continuously dedicated in making contributions to their team. 

We recognize that they need boots on the ground in order to fulfill their duties as guardians of the reserve. On the 24th of July, we had the opportunity to visit them to do another donation. 

Photo by Julia Gunther

A day in the life

As the sun rose we were already walking along the fence, accompanied by Felicia & Shadu, who has been with the APU for over three years. Their knowledge and love for the animals they protect were inspiring to say the least. As we walked, we got the chance to chat about their life and daily doings when they kick off their boots. As Di Tipping-Woods (from Wild Magazine) beautifully writes and notes in her article for World Ranger Day 2017, “Not saints, not warriors, just strong women” - these women are passionate in what they do. Their role as guardians and the first line of defense extend way beyond the fence of the reserve. Whilst their main objective is the security of the reserve and the protection of wildlife, they also strive to create a strong bond and educate the communities that live on the boundaries of Balule and the Greater Kruger Park to install a proud, sympathetic and patriotic community with pro-environmental ethos. 

Early morning patrols. Photo by Andrea Engelbrecht from HI-TEC

Photo by Andrea Engelbrecht from HI-TECWalking in the new Magnum Stealth Force 8.0. Photo by Andrea Engelbrecht

Donation day

HI-TEC representative, Andrea Engelbrecht does official hand over. Photo by Di Tipping-Woods

HI-TEC and Magnum donated each member brand new Magnum Stealth Force boots. It was such an honour visiting these ladies and handing over the boots. We hope to see them soon again. 

Photo by Julia Gunther

Photo by Andrea Engelbrecht

About Magnum

Magnum Boots a division of HI-TEC, is one of South Africa’s well established brands providing lightweight work and safety footwear. It’s footwear that is truly ‘Fit for Purpose'.

Photo by Julia Gunther

Unboxing new boots. Photo by Julia Gunther.

About HI-TEC

Photo by Julia Gunther

Founded in 1974 by Frank van Wezel, HI-TEC is the embodiment of Frank’s dream to let everybody enjoy the things that he loves — sports, and the world outside.

HI-TEC’s first shoe, the Squash, still in production today, was designed to be instantly comfortable and lightweight, combining the latest performance materials and cutting edge design. Today the DNA of their products remain exactly the same.

HI-TEC believes Everyone Deserves A View — that no matter who you are, or where you’re from, with HI-TEC's on your feet, a fantastic, perspective changing outdoor experience is always within reach. Our mission To Get the World Outside, inspire people to make those simple steps towards spending more time in a place we all undervalue. 


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