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July 03, 2020

Image Source: @nita_sgi

Puffy Jackets are an outdoor gear ‘must-have’ — a winter lifesaver and fashion statement too!

People wear puffys for everything.

In winter it is my favourite ‘go-to’ for every day and any activity.

You will find me with it on the beach in the wind after a freezing surf, or throwing it on at the last minute for an afternoon meeting in town to quickly look a little ‘more presentable’, or early in the morning when it is boxers and the puffy for a quick dash outside to feed the chickens in the shed.

Few outdoor items are as versatile and durable as a good puffy.

Lightweight and packing a punch when it comes to insulation, they keep you warm without restricting movement or adding layers of weight.

Image Source: @nita_sgi

How to choose your puffy

Consider these 3 points to find the puffy that is right for you:

#1. Know where you will wear it

You are going to need a different puffy if you are planning a multi-day epic in the Drakensberg at sub-zero temperatures (like the Hi-Tec Sorne II Puffer) or if you need a good run-around jacket for every day use in winter (try the Hi-Tec Novara II Puffer).

Are you going to be working outdoors with it? Or more likely as a brace against the cold to grab lunch in town between meetings? Or only on an extended trek? Knowing where you will wear your puffy will help you decide how much insulation to have.

#2. Know what’s inside

Puffys come with two main types of insulation: synthetic or down. Know the difference. Both have their pros and cons. In summary a synthetic filling will offer better warmth in wet or rainy conditions. Synthetic also dries quicker. Hi-Tec and many other outdoor brands are now using recycled polyester as filling, which we all love.

#3. Check the details and colours

Puffys come with different details, from reflective elements to hoodies. A hoody is great if you plan to use your puffy mainly for outdoor use where you will not be using other layers. If you will be using it mainly for casual wear, the hoody may not always fit with your other clothing styles. The same goes for reflective elements.

Also select your colours carefully. Bright colours are perfect for outdoor spots, but if you want more versatility from your puffy go for muted colours, where you can easily match a black puffy as part of a smart evening outfit.

How to wear your puffy

I’d say wear it any way you want — but here are a couple of tips to give your puffy a whole new spin:

Wear complimentary clothing. Puffys can be bulky, so to balance this out, choose pants that are tighter, like skinny jeans or leggings.

To dress up with a puffy, choose a dark-coloured puffer jacket with a sleek cut and wear over business suits, dress pants and dresses in similarly neutral colours.

To dress down, add sporting pieces like hoodies or knit-wear and trainers.

Ok, so I am a puffy junkie and own at least 3, one for the mountains with a hoody and which has 100% down insulation. One for every-day winter life, lightweight, but warm and easy to clean with synthetic filling. And then my all-year-round favourite is a puffy vest, which takes off the chill, always looks good in any setting and is light and easy to stuff into any bag or daypack.

If you are not yet a fan, or don’t yet own a puffy — get one. Winter will take on a whole new cosy and good lookin’ vibe when you do.

By: Galeo Saintz

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