October 29, 2018

This blog post is all about my radical transformation brought on by something as simple as a hiking boot.

To put this into context, I work in the fashion industry and outdoorsy, hiking shoes don’t go with any of my outfits. I like my money where I can see it, hanging in my closet and  when it came to hiking boots I could never quite find a spot for them in my collection. Strangely  enough, when it came to another pair of heels, I would always be able to make a plan.

So every time I joined Henk on an adventure, the marital strife would start about half way into the journey … the shoes I chose for the endeavour would start hurting me, or I would be slipping, or I would be lagging behind the rest of the group. Inevitably Henk would always just give me ‘the eye’.  

For those of you who don’t speak Henk’s secret language, it directly translates to “I told you so”. Which brings us to where we are today: I finally caved!  I am now the proud owner of a proper pair of HIKING BOOTS! The shoes I have in my possession are from Hi-Tec and they’re called the RAVUS VENT MID.  This blog may be called The Secret Adventurer, but  the secret is out: My name is Suna, and I own and love a pair of hiking boots.

Let me wax a bit more lyrical… so when I finally put them on, I wondered what took me so long. I can work with these, I told myself.  Firstly, they aren’t expensive at all -  I looked at their closest competitors and I was pleasantly surprised at the price tag of R999. I’m not going to tell you what I’ve spent on other shoes in the past because Henk will be reading this, but let me tell you, R999 for a shoe that will actually last longer than a season is pretty good going for me. I’m breaking ground here people!

Secondly, the look of a shoe is important to me (can you tell?).  Whenever I saw people in hiking boots here in Cape Town, I wondered if they are on their way to scale Everest’s north face? Notice my use of the past tense here, because I now reserve my judgement when it comes to hiking boots because I’m part of the club now.  Everest’s north face might just be on our agenda, I will have you know!

Thirdly, what makes the shoe even better is a term I’m not used to saying in the same sentence as the word ‘shoe’, and that word is ‘comfort’. ‘Comfort’ and ‘shoe’….who knew?!?! It’s genius! So now I can actually walk on all sorts of terrain and not fear for my life – I can safely say ‘slip sliding away’ is now only a normal song and no longer my theme song!

This shoe is designed for women and has all sorts of intelligent design features that most of my other shoes can only dream of. This shoe is practically an über-shoe: it is breathable, your ankles will not twist again like they did last summer, the hardware is rust –proof, and it has water and dirt protection. I mean, name one other shoe in your wardrobe that can do any of this. I’m looking at you here 6 inch heels from hell….go back to where you came from!

In the past I was just a girl, standing in front of a hiking shoe, asking it to be a high heel.  Today, the transformation is complete…these shoes have a special place in my wardrobe and I know we are going to have incredible adventures together! And if you listen carefully you can hear Henk shouting in the background “I told you so!!!!”!  Dammit, I hate it when he’s right…

Written by: Suna Symington Brand

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