November 01, 2019

By @fitgirlza 

Isn’t it if funny how times have changed? I remember my mom and grandmother being incredible homemakers – women who would do everything to make sure their families were provided for. They were such powerhouses! But that was it. They were strong and resourceful, the people we’d all go to if we had a problem or just wanted a little love or for someone to tell us everything would be okay. What saddens me though, is that the generation before ours, although powerful and intelligent, were set limitations because they had families.  

Women of our generation cannot fathom the privilege of being able to work and have a family and a partner who sees us as equal. We are not limited. We are multifaceted, courageous, smart, witty, strong, nurturing, ambitious, gentle and soft. The Hi-Tec Leo Collection is a celebration of all that we are and all that we have become. The attributes of female powerhouses that we adopted from the generation before us will be an example to our own daughters, with a little more spunk of course. 

The Leo Collection for 2019 is like us women – soft and secure, flexible and non-limiting, trendy and fun, detail oriented. 

Leo is representative of all of us at every facet of who we are. When I trained in it, I felt comfortable yet secure. Even through all the twists and movements of a pilates class, at no point did I feel as though my clothing was out of place. After my workout, I had a smoothie with a friend and felt just as comfortable.

I love that the Leo collection was created so intuitively and with the multifaceted woman in mind. The high necked sportsbra, the high waisted tights…. It makes me think that Hi-Tec wanted women to be bothered by nothing more than the woman she is. 

A woman who is inspired. 

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