December 04, 2020

Your feet can take you to magical places in the mountains if you let them.

The right gear for the job

One of the most important items on any hiking gear list should be footwear. It makes sense since your feet are going to carry you along the trail into nature. Making sure you are prepared for the terrain will make all the difference to your level of comfort and your experience while you are out there in the mountains. A good sturdy pair of boots is thus a requirement for any adventurer taking on longer trails over challenging terrain or multi day hikes carrying a heavy pack.

After lacing up my Altitude V Ultra I WP boots I immediately noticed how light and comfortable they felt. I went for a size that allows my feet some movement within the boot, (this also allows me to wear 2 pairs of hiking socks in winter when there is snow in the Mountains). In the front of the boot there is plenty of room for your toes to align naturally with your foot, while still being supported from all sides. Anyone with a wider foot will greatly appreciate this fact. The wide toe box also prevents discomfort if your feet swell a bit as they often do on long hikes or hot days. 

Tip: soak your feet in a mountain stream or cool water after a long day’s hike. It does wonders.

On my scale the size 10 weighed in at 700gr, a total of 1.4kg for the pair. A nice comfortable weight in my opinion since the boots have that sturdiness necessary for supporting the heel and ankle. Since I like moving over technical terrain in the mountains it is great to have that support and not worry about sprained ankles. While the boots have a rugged, I am going to the mountains look, they have a specially designed OrthoLite insole that has plenty of comfortable cushioning while you are traveling over sharp rocky terrain. Therefore, taking a bit of strain of your feet while you are gaining on your summits. The lugs on the boots provide great grip on rocks even when descending steeper rocky sections and the front of the boot is very tough protecting your toes against potential bruises should you accidentally kick a obscured rock on the trail. This has happened many times to me and is not fun in running shoes.

Waterproof is essential

Since these boots are waterproof, I decided to put them to the test by purposefully stepping into the water at each stream we crossed. Even after 5 minutes of standing in shallow water the interior of the boots remained dry. What did surprise me was how quickly the water seemed to disappear of the boots once I got back on the rocks. This I later found out is due to the i-Shield technology that forms an invisible protective layer over the boots which essentially repels water and dirt. Pair this with the Dri-Tec technology which allows vapour transmission, your feet remain comfortable in wet climates. Perfect for the rainy season or for hikes crossing streams to get to refreshing mountain pools.

The mountains offer a bounty of experiences that refreshes the spirit. However, it is always important to be prepared and to respect nature. If you do that you will have a great time exploring outdoors. 

I will be continuing to explore new mountains and make a cup of coffee on each one in my Hi-Tec Altitude V Ultra I boots.

Written by: Mountain Barista

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