June 12, 2018

We’re officially half way into 2018 and WOW, have our partners in conservation been busy. Here are our top 5 moments of 2018 so far. 

Kambani and Khuza reunited

Kambani and Khuza were, after days of search, reunited again. The team from Transfrontier Africa (founders of the Black Mamba APU) were relieved and said that the two have been close together since the moment they lost each other. Read more of this beautiful story here.

A gem for our gems

Always appreciating the little things in life. 

That’s how memories are made

April saw the installation of the first two Jungle Gyms for the Bush Babies Schools. Both Mabine and Modume Primary Schools are delighted with their new play grounds, sponsored by The Point Foundation. Although the focus of the Bush Babies Environmental Education Program is to learn about conservation, wildlife and the wonders of our natural world, after learning in the classroom our learners can now have some fun and let of some steam on these new play grounds, which will help them to focus better in class for the rest of the day with the added bonus of getting some exercise, whilst creating memories with their classmates. 

A visit from old friends

In April, the bush babies were also visited by their old friend and longtime partner Paw Gosmer and colleague Marianne Reetz from Aalborg Zoo, a partner of Transfrontier Africa for many years. Paw and Marianne oversee the elephants and giraffes in the zoo and joined in all the different projects. There could be no better opportunity for the Bush Babies to learn about elephants than from these elephant specialists. The kids learned a lot about the importance of elephant conservation and had a great time meeting Paw and Marianne.

Happy Mother’s Day

Remember, most of these ladies are the bread winners for their families. We salute you for being the fierce protectors in nature and at home. 

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Black Mambas APU; read up more about their work on their website


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