August 08, 2017

HI-TEC and MOVEPRETTY collaborate to celebrate and inspire the strong female spirit

Cape Town, South Africa: This summer, HI-TEC and MOVEPRETTY will endeavor on another collaboration in celebration of both brands’ athleisure styles that boasts individuality, celebrates and inspires the strong female spirit. The two brands have a unique synergy when it comes to active living and will continue to explore ways in which they can style women in South Africa in true leisure, street and fitness wear.


The #IAMINSPIREDBY campaign will officially launch on Women’s Day on the 9th of August 2017. The campaign will entail inspiring women to take a minute and write down one word that encapsulates their inspiration. The two brands call women of all ages to join them in celebrating colour, patterns, the weird and the lovely, and most importantly everything about themselves. It’s a campaign that speaks of being confident in yourself and your ideas. Women are encouraged to speak out and inspire.

The #PrettyHITEC campaign, launched in February earlier this year, enjoyed success with support from influential women across South Africa. Who these women are in essence, inspired the two brands to launch a campaign that celebrates their love for fitness, health and being comfortable with your body.


Thus, the #IAMINSPIRED campaign calls all women, to take a minute to inspire, by writing the one word down followed by I AM INSPIRED BY________________, then taking a pic and sharing it with their friends and followers. Their dream is to inspire a community of women who are willing to take the time and share their inspiration with others.

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out!” – Dr. Suess



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MOVEPRETTY is a proudly South African, Stellenbosch-based athleisure brand, founded by two friends, double Olympic South African triathlete Mari Rabie and fashion designer Annelize Kotze. Their varies from active wear such as the Ms Leggy 3/4 to athleisure wear such as the Grecian Jumpsuit made from technical micro-active fabric to the Nautical Swimzie, which can be worn to the beach, to the barre, to the bar, by just changing accessories and shoes. Other quirky names in the range include ZePants – shorts that are ideal for running; the Meshy-T - a classic running vest with perforated power mesh; and the Marble Warm Zip Hood for an urban sports-luxe look. There's no need to change after pilates before grabbing a flat white at your favorite coffee shop.  

Contact: Annelize Kotze



HI-TEC Sports was founded by Frank van Wezel, in 1974, in the appropriately named village of Shoeburyness, England. Today, the company is now a global brand generating global sales with distribution in more than 85 countries and subsidiaries in UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, France, Germany and the Benelux. They take inspiration from people and things around them. Their brand essence is: Inspired by Life. It’s human nature to connect with the outdoors. HI-TEC believes the world outside is for everyone to enjoy and inspire everyday people to step outside, and enjoy real life.

Contact: Andrea Engelbrecht



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