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April 15, 2020

The Hi-Tec APEX 3-in-1 has it all.

The best thing about all 3-in-1 jackets is that you get three jackets for the price of one, especially when you can pick up one up for as low as R1999.00. It is one jacket for all the elements, to wear three ways: as a single fleece, an outer rain shell or as a warmer winter jacket with both fleece inner and waterproof outer. But what makes for a good quality, functional technical 3-in-1 jacket? It is not just the dayglow colour that fits right in at Everest Base Camp, but more often it is features like a trim fit for athletic movement, compatible zippers and durable materials placed in high-wear areas. The Hi-Tec men’s and ladies APEX 3-in-1 not only has a great shape and fit but includes loads of other technical functionalities that are imperative to protect you against all elements.

Waterproof 3000mm H2O

Before the garment is made the fabric gets sent to the lab for a hydro-static head test. The fabric is pulled tight under a tall tube filled with water. This is then observed over 24 hours to ascertain how many millimeters of water the fabric can withstand before it soaks through. Jackets with a rating of 1,500mm to 3,000mm are suitable for everyday use, and for walkers or hikers who aren’t likely to get caught out in heavy, sustained rain.

Breathability 3000g H2O/m2

The jacket’s breathability functionality is demonstrated in grams, thus referring to the amount of water damp grams per square meter can escape the jacket in 24 hours. The higher the number, the higher the breathability capabilities. If a jacket, like the APEX, has 3000g of breathability capabilities, it means 3000 grams of water damp gets from the inside to the outside of the fabric (in a 24-hour period).

240g removable fleece

A 240g fleece is classified as a mid-weight fleece; this means it can be worn as an outer layer in colder weather conditions. You can also use it as an outer-layer to a base-layer for extra warmth. The mid-weight fleece in the APEX 3-in-1 has a great fit and shape, great insulating properties, but will be less flexible than your lightweight fleeces. It’s the perfect option for your day-hikes.

Taped Seams

A jacket can be treated with a waterproof coating and have a waterproof membrane but not be fully waterproof. For a jacket to be 100% waterproof it will also need to have taped seams. Taped seams are heat sealed seams that stop water coming through the stitching. It is particularly important to choose a jacket with taped seams if you will be in heavy, prolonged rain.


The APEX also includes other technical features such as a fixed and adjustable hood, zip chest pocket for extra storage and 2 hand-warmer pockets.

Can you wear a technical jacket in a casual setting? Sure! Most manufacturers even offer these garments in more subdued colours, so you do not have to look like a tennis ball if you do not want to. The men’s APEX 3-in-1 is also available in Black.

And the ladies available in a stylish Windsor Wine colour; perfect to the outdoor- and urban wear. 

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