June 14, 2019

BY: Tim Lundy

Tim Lundy needs no introduction. He has been hiking the mountains of Cape Town for 38 years. He is an accomplished author, mountain-guide and member of Cape Town’s Search & Rescue.  You can also catch him on Cape Talk, presented with Lester Kiewiet every Thursday 9:30pm to 10pm.

Short, but sweet

This boot has come a long way over the years. Its competition is fierce and the need to stay on top of its game has always been there! I’ve been wearing this boot for 2 weeks now and not once have my feet been in any way uncomfortable.

The grip

The grip on the sole is up for the job. There is enough rigidity in the sole to rap over uneven surfaces but maintain the grip you need. Shoelaces are often a problem; in that 3 hours into your hike you need to bend down and redo the laces to keep the boot firmly secured around your foot and ankle. I have not felt the need to retie my laces as they are just as tight as when I started the hike. The top 4 lace hooks seem to be in just the perfect position to keep the boot at the same tightness throughout the day. Maybe a little bit more thicker padding would not go amiss around the ankle area, but they are still very comfortable. On the downhills the boot does not allow your foot to float around the boot as you take each downward step. This prevents your toes from slamming into the end of the boot on every step. I always buy one size up to prevent that from happening but these boots firm grip around your ankle assists greatly with this. The inner sole also gives your foot the support it needs and maintains the comfort levels throughout a hike.


I would like to see the Altitude 7 with more toe protection, well actually more front cap protection as after two weeks I've noticed the leather around the toe area has started to get scuffed. I believe this will prolong the life of the boot and reduce the wear and tear. I have yet to have the opportunity to put these boots through wet weather conditions but as we go through winter, I'm certain they will be more than up to the job. The competition maybe fierce but these boots are up for the challenge! Good value for money.

The Altitude VI is exclusively available at Cape Union Mart

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