June 26, 2019

About the writer: when it comes to describing to Thabang’s style, “classic” is probably the best word. Although he inspires a contemporary, modern look – his style is certainly rooted in old school favourites. Here’s his view on our Eland Vellie…

By: Thabang Maphanga (founder of @fantasykick_

The moment I opened the box, the first outfit that came into my mind was a more casual look. I fell in love with the colour of the shoe because it did not limit my choice of colours to mix and match with. I wear them with any colour in my closet. They are designed and constructed with a traditional stitch down and durable suede leather upper - so remember to avoid wet conditions! 

I won’t lie my ‘walk’ is different when I’m wearing my vellies, they make me feel quite manly, bold and classic – that’s how I prefer it.  These shoes define me way better than I know. 

Being stylish is not about just looking good, it is all about the quality and craft. These shoes are a new take on my image and my personality. The thing about wearing classics is that you can always breathe new life into them with your own style. I love wearing these genuine leather shoes because they can go from a rugged look, to cruising through the streets with a dash of formality. 

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