March 23, 2020

Born on the trails, but home on the streets. The fleece is officially trending this AW20 and once a favourite among outdoor lovers, today it’s permeating the city streets as a comeback. Naturally it’s warm, comfy and works as the perfect layering piece. Oh, and you can look good (on and off the trail). But, how do you know which fleece is for you? Read on. 

What is Fleece made from?

Fleece is mostly manufactured from synthetic polyester fabric which effectively traps the body’s heat and retains the warmth generated. This season HI-TEC launches its Fleece made from 100% recycled Polyester, which means doing good while feeling good too.

Benefits of Fleece

Polyester fleece is extremely durable which means a classic trusty fleece from HI-TEC can last seasons if not years. Fleeces are moisture–resistant and breathable, extremely soft and plush against one’s skin. Fleece is lightweight and flexible compressing easily, making it an easy-going unnoticeable companion in your bag on everyday adventures from city to mountain and ethical as the product is not derived from wool. Fleeces warmth rating is categorized by the different fleece weight, which makes shopping for various fleece usage super-easy.

Understanding Fleece Weight

Fleece is categorised by weight shown as grams per square meter ( g/m²); the heavier the grammage the thicker and warmer the fleece. Its therefore important to buy the right weight fleece for the right activity. The table below gives an idea on the activity the various fleece weight is used for.

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