August 24, 2018

Namibia is undoubtably on of the most spectacular countries to travel in Southern Africa and Kyle Goetsch, Cape Town based photographer, discovered its beautiful landscapes in his HI-TEC Ravus Vent Low’s. From seeing the sun rise over the largest sand dunes in the world and tackling the infamous fish river canyon, traveling Namibia is truly one of Africa’s greatest destinations to explore.

The Fish River Canyon

Reputed to be the second largest canyon in the world, only being surpassed by the Grand Canyon. Its one of the most popular treks in Southern Africa. The immense scale and rugged terrain draw visitors from all over the world.


Namibia’s infamous ghost town, an abandoned diamond mining town located in Southern Namibia in the Namib Desert, truly offers travellers a unique experience. This abandoned town is covered under the sand and dunes, leaving nothing but a forlorn ruin.


Situated in the largest conservation area in Africa (the Namib-Naukluft National Park), this spectacular attraction is surrounded by by some of the highest dunes in world, reaching almost 400m.

Quiver Tree Forest

Also, the Kokerboom Woud (in Afrikaans), is situated in Southern Namibia about 14km north-east of Keetmanshoop. Comprising of over 250 specimens of “aloe”, a plant that’s reminiscent of a wilder Africa, where only the toughest survive.

Namibia, in general

Falling in love with Namibia is inevitable if you make the clever decision to embark on this adventure.

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